Unique 591nm Laser Pointer: A Wavelength Like No Other



Product TitleUnique 591nm Laser Pointer: A Wavelength Like No Other
Size15.8cm x 1.4cm / 6.22”x 0.55”
Laser TypeDirect Diode
Laser BodyAircraft-Grade Aluminum
Laser FinishBlue
ModesSingle On/Off
Power Supply2*AAA (1.5V each) Battery

Product Description:

Introducing the extraordinary 591nm Laser Pointer, a laser wavelength so unique that you won’t find it elsewhere. This laser pointer is a testament to innovation and is designed to provide you with an unmatched experience.

Discover the 591nm Revolution: At 591nm, this laser wavelength stands in a class of its own. You won’t come across this exceptional laser in conventional sources. Be prepared to explore a new world of possibilities with this revolutionary technology.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Laser Pointer Pen

Batteries Not Included (Strict Shipping Policy): Please be aware that batteries are not included due to shipping regulations. You will require 2* AAA batteries (1.5V each) to power this extraordinary laser pointer.

Quality Craftsmanship in Every Detail: Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, the laser pointer boasts a durable and stylish blue finish. This ensures both longevity and a touch of elegance in your hands.

User-Friendly Single On/Off Mode: Simplicity reigns supreme with the single on/off mode, making this laser pointer accessible and effortless to use.

Prepare to experience a laser wavelength like no other with the Unique 591nm Laser Pointer. Embrace the innovation and explore the boundless applications this one-of-a-kind laser brings to your fingertips. Make it a part of your collection today!


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