THOR M 2 Ultra-Powerful Blue Laser Pointer – 450nm Wavelength


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The THOR M 2 Laser Pointer is a must-have for laser enthusiasts, featuring an impressive 1W+ output and a striking blue laser beam. This powerful laser is designed for a variety of applications, from professional use to hobbyist fun.

Technical Specs:

Laser TypeDirect Diode
Wavelength450nm Blue
Laser BodyAircraft-Grade Aluminum
Laser FinishBlack
Beam Divergence3.6mRad
Beam Diameter (Aperture)4mm At Aperture
<20mm at 10 meters
ModesSingle On/Off Mode
Power Supply2 x 16340 (3.7V each) Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries (Not Included)

Package includes:

  • 1 x THOR M 2 Blue Laser
  • 5 x Star Caps


  1. The laser will not come with a label. To distinguish between the 1.6W and 3W versions, an easy method is as follows:
    • The 3W version will have a delay when you turn it on.
    • The 1.6W version will turn on immediately.

Batteries are not included due to strict shipping policies, so you will need 2 x 16340 (3.7V each) Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries to power this remarkable laser.

The THOR M 2 Laser Pointer emits a unique rectangular laser spot, a characteristic of the laser diode, which is perfectly normal. Whether you’re a professional in need of precision pointing or a laser enthusiast looking to explore the world of lasers, the THOR M 2 is the ideal choice for delivering a powerful and mesmerizing blue laser beam.

Additional information

Wavelength and Power (mw)

450nm Blue-1600, 450nm Blue-3000


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