Style 3(6 Holes) Laser Rangers with Magnetic Switch Control



Tritium Tubes Sold Separately

Experience an upgraded laser adventure with our Style 3 Laser Rangers, enhanced by the convenience of Magnetic Switch Control. Please be aware that Tritium Tubes are not included but can be easily purchased separately from various sources, including Amazon.

Effortless Power and Mode Management: The advanced Magnetic Switch technology integrated into the Laser Rangers empowers you to seamlessly control both brightness and modes. Adjust brightness with the left picture, while effortlessly transitioning between modes using the right picture.

Versatile Power Range and Diverse Modes: Tailor the laser’s brightness to your specific needs, with the flexibility to choose anywhere from 0 to full power. Select from various modes, including Single Mode (Light On/Light Off) or Multiple Modes (Constant Light Mode, Breath Mode, Strobe Mode, Quick Strobe Mode, and SOS Mode) to cater to a wide range of applications.

Single vs. Dual Magnetic Switches: Choose the version that aligns with your personal preferences. The single magnetic switch is dedicated to brightness control, while mode adjustments are facilitated through the end button. Opt for the single magnetic switch version for multiple modes or single mode, all conveniently managed via the end button. The dual magnetic switches version takes control a step further, allowing one switch to handle brightness while the other takes care of mode selection. The end button functions as the ON/OFF switch.

Stylish and Functional Designs: Style 3, as well as Style 2, Style 5, and Style 6, provides six tritium tube positions. Style 8 and Style 9 present an impressive 11 tritium tube positions, while Style 1 and Style 4 offer a remarkable 18 tritium tube positions. Style 7 sets itself apart with an astounding 23 tritium tube positions.

Tritium Tubes Information: Please note that Tritium tubes, each measuring 6mm in length and 1.5mm in width, are not included but can be conveniently sourced from platforms such as Amazon or Sanwu.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit: To add a personalized touch, discover the creative possibilities of Resin Luminous Sticks that allow you to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your laser. Let your creativity shine through.

Additional information

Magnetic Switch

Single Magnetic Switch, Two Magnetic Switches

Operation Mode

Single Mode ( On/Off ), Multiple Modes (5 Modes)

Wavelength and Power

405nm Violet – 1W, 405nm Violet – 1.6W, 445nm Blue – 3W, 445nm Blue – 5W, 450nm Blue – 5W, 462nm Blue – 1.6W, 470nm Blue – 4W, 515nm Green – 1.2W, 520nm Green – 1.4W, 525nm Green – 1.2W, 525nm Green – 1.6W, 525nm Green – 2W, 638nm Red – 1W, 638nm Red – 1.8W Triple Laser Beams


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