Tri-Color Handheld Laser – Precision Color Mastery and Dynamic Modes



Introducing the groundbreaking Sanwu RGB Handheld Laser, the world’s first portable laser device to feature three laser diodes enclosed within a sleek stainless-steel body, offering precise RGB beam alignment.

Unleash Vibrant RGB Colors: With a remarkable total output of 500mW, this laser is designed to empower you with endless color possibilities. It consists of three laser diodes with individual power ratings, allowing you to fine-tune the color output to your preferences:

  • Red Laser (635nm, 200mW)
  • Green Laser (525nm, 130mW)
  • Blue Laser (455nm, 170mW)

Create Your Unique Color Palette: We’ve added four magnetic switches to provide you with complete control over the laser beam’s color. Three of these switches allow you to independently adjust the power of each laser beam, enabling you to craft a spectrum of colors akin to mixing paint.

Versatile Modes for Every Occasion: The fourth magnetic switch takes versatility to the next level by enabling you to switch between multiple modes:

  • Constant Light Mode: Steady illumination for various applications.
  • Strobe Mode: Create stunning visual effects and draw attention.
  • Automatic Color Cycling Mode: Enjoy a mesmerizing display of changing hues.
  • SOS Mode: Have a reliable signaling tool in emergency situations.

Durable Stainless-Steel Host with Tritium Tube Compatibility: The laser is housed in a robust stainless-steel host featuring 14 tritium tube positions (1.5mm*6mm). Please note that tritium tubes are not included with the product but can be easily obtained from Amazon or Sanwu.

Elevate your laser experience with the Sanwu RGB Handheld Laser, where innovation meets versatility, putting the power of vibrant RGB colors at your fingertips. Order now to secure your spot in the pre-sale and be among the first to experience this remarkable laser technology.


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