Guardian Series Laser Pointers: Precision in Your Hands



Discover the power and precision of the Guardian Series, your gateway to an array of laser possibilities. Sourced directly from the renowned Sanwu Laser Factory, this collection is designed to meet your diverse needs, from exploration to craftsmanship and more.

Technical Specifications:

NameClassSizeWeightWavelengthLaser BodyOperation ModeLaser PowerBeam DivergenceRequired Eyewear O.D.Power ConsumptionPower SupplyBattery LifetimeSwitchMulti Operation ModesDuty CycleExpected Lifetime
Guardian Series Laser Pointers: Precision in Your HandsClass 4Smooth & Engraved: 84mm x 24mm190g (Without Battery)405nm to 635nmStainless Steel, Nickel Copper AlloySingle Mode or Multi Mode50mW to 1800mW0.5mRad to 1.5mRad3.0+3.7V @ 0.5A – 2AOne 35mm 18350 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery20 minutes to 40 minutesPush Button Constant On/Off, Electronic Safety Lock with Button Mode SwitchingLow Power, Half Power, Strobe, Full Power, and SOS60 seconds on & 30 seconds off> 5,000 hours

Key Features:

  • Laser Variety: Choose from an extensive range of wavelengths, from 405nm to 635nm, allowing you to explore, create, and experiment with precision.

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from robust stainless steel and nickel copper alloy, the Guardian Series lasers are built to last, providing reliability and longevity.

  • Flexible Power Options: Powered by a 35mm 18350 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, ensuring portability and convenience.

  • Safety First: Equipped with an electronic safety lock and button mode switching, these lasers prioritize your safety and control.

  • Multi-Operation Modes: Tailor your laser experience with multiple modes, including Low Power, Half Power, Strobe, Full Power, and SOS.

  • Versatile Duty Cycle: Enjoy up to 60 seconds of continuous operation, with a 30-second cooldown for sustained use.

  • Exceptional Lifespan: With an expected lifetime of over 5,000 hours, these lasers are designed for the long haul.

Unlock a world of laser applications with the Guardian Series. Whether you’re an enthusiast, professional, or adventurer, this collection offers the precision and versatility you need. Explore, create, and stay safe with this exceptional laser series. Please note that batteries may not be included due to country customs regulations. Protective goggles and a free charger are included, with exceptions for U.S. customers who can receive batteries as well. Don’t miss out on the Guardian Series – your laser essentials are here.

Additional information

Wavelength and Power

405nm Violet-1.4W, 445nm Blue-1W, 445nm Blue-1.6W, 455nm Royal Blue-150mW, 465nm Bright Blue-1.6W, 488nm Cyan-100mW, 492nm Cyan-120mW, 505nm Mint Cyan-50mW, 520nm Mint Green-50mW, 520nm Green-120mW, 520nm Green-1W, 525nm Green-150mW, 525nm Green-1W, 635nm Bright Red-800mW, 638nm Red-1.5W G84 Three Laser Beams

Operation Mode

Single Mode, Multiple Mode


White copper-Smooth, White copper-Engraved, Stainless Steel-Smooth, Stainless Steel-Engraved


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