Challenger Series- High-Performance Laser Pointer



The Challenger Series Laser Pointer is your ultimate source for top-quality laser technology directly from Laser. Crafted with precision and designed for performance, this laser pointer stands out in its class.

Product Specs:

HousingNickel Copper Alloy, 20*120mm with 30mm Copper Heatsink
Battery (Included)14500 Li-ion Battery, Negative Casing
Duty Cycle405nm (45 seconds on & off), Others (60 seconds on & off)
WarrantyOne year
ModesSingle Mode: On/Off
Multi-Operations Mode:
– Wait one second after turning on the laser and perform half-taps within the next three seconds quickly
– Low Power Mode: Half-tap 3 times
– Full Mode: Half-tap 6 times
Driver ProtectionsOver-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection, and Reverse Polarity Protection

The Challenger Series Laser Pointer is a symbol of reliability and innovation, bringing you the best in laser technology. With its robust construction, versatile operational modes, and advanced driver protections, this laser pointer is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It comes with a 14500 Li-ion battery, ensuring you have everything you need for a remarkable laser experience.

Additional information

Wavelength and Power

405nm violet – 800mW, 405nm violet – 1.4W, 445nm blue-1W, 445nm blue – 1.6W, 455nm Bright Blue – 150mW, 465nm Bright Blue – 1.5W, 488nm Cyan – 80mW, 492nm Cyan – 150mW, 505nm Mint Cyan – 50mW, 520nm Mint Green – 50mW, 525nm Green – 150mW, 635nm Bright Red – 300mW(Single-mode diode), 635nm Bright Red – 800mW


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