Challenger II”- Premium Handheld Laser Pointer



The Challenger II Laser Pointer is the pinnacle of laser technology. It is the upgraded version of the Challenger series, featuring a larger copper housing, substantial copper heatsink, and the ability to handle powerful laser diodes up to 3W (3000mW). With free batteries, a charger, and protective goggles included, the Challenger II offers everything you need for an extraordinary laser experience.

Product Specs:

HousingNickel Copper Alloy, 24*140mm with 30mm Copper Heatsink
BatteryTwo Button Top 18350 Li-ion Batteries (Included), Negative Casing
Duty Cycle405nm (60 seconds on & off), Others (Unlimited)
WarrantyOne year
Modes & Safety LockSingle Mode: On/Off
Multi-Operations Mode:
– Low Power, Half Power, Strobe, Full Power, SOS, and Safety Lock (<1mW)
– Half-tap the tail switch to cycle between each mode, with the driver starting in the last-used mode if used for more than three seconds
Electronic Lock: To prevent unauthorized use, half-tap the tail switch three times within the first three seconds after the laser is on. Wait another three seconds to let the beam turn dim, indicating the laser is locked.
Unlock: Repeat the same process but half-tap five times instead, waiting three seconds after the input
Driver ProtectionsOver-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection, and Reverse Polarity Protection

The Challenger II Laser Pointer is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution. With its premium build, advanced features, and enhanced safety measures, it offers a solid and golden-sized handheld laser experience. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, the Challenger II is your gateway to powerful laser technology.

Additional information

Wavelength and Power

405nm Violet – 1.6W, 445nm Blue – 3W, 455nm Blue – 150mW, 465nm Bright Blue – 2W, 470nm Bright Blue – 4.5W, 488nm Cyan – 100mW, 492nm Cyan – 160mW, 505m Mint Cyan – 50mW, 520nm Mint Green – 150mW, 520nm Green – 1W, 525nm Green – 150mW, 525nm Green – 1.2W, 635nm Bright Red – 300mW Single Mode Diode, 635nm Bright Red – 1W, 638nm Red – 1.8W G84 Three Laser Beams

Operation mode

Single Mode, Multiple Modes

Stainless Steel Attack Cap

Yes, No


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