Adjustable Focus 130mW Cyan Laser Pointer – Complete Kit/488nm



Introducing the 130mW Cyan Laser Pointer, a high-quality and powerful laser designed for a variety of uses. This laser pointer offers an output power of 130mW, an attractive cyan beam at 488nm, and comes in a comprehensive kit to meet your laser needs.

Versatile and Powerful: The 130mW cyan laser pointer is suitable for a wide range of tasks and settings. With its impressive output power, it emits a vibrant cyan beam that is both visually striking and practical.

Complete Kit for Convenience: The package includes all the essential accessories for a seamless experience:

  • 1x 130mW Cyan Laser Pointer
  • 1x Rechargeable Panasonic Battery 18650 (included)
  • 1x Universal Charger (100-240v)
  • 1x Gift Box for storage and presentation

Adjustable Focus: The laser pointer features an adjustable focus mode, allowing you to tailor the laser beam for different applications, adding to its versatility.

Universal Battery Charger: The included universal battery charger is compatible with various Li-ion battery types, making it usable worldwide. LED indicators display the charging status for your convenience.

Durable and Portable: Constructed from robust aerometal, this laser is built to withstand regular use. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and handle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: To ensure your satisfaction, the laser comes with a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, demonstrating our confidence in its quality and performance.

The 130mW Cyan Laser Pointer is a versatile and powerful tool that suits multiple applications. Its adjustable focus and complete kit make it a practical choice for both professional and recreational use.


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